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Following are the benefits of trademark registering a company

Protection against Copycats

Once your brand name has been registered, no one will be able to copy it.

Registered brand is Most valuable asset of the Company

Many brands value their trademarks above all other assets. Brand value is derived only when the company has absolute right over the brand name through trademark protection.

Helps in image building and credibility in Market

Registered brands with a TM tag are preferred by customers.

Document Requirement For Trademark

TradeMark Registration

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We value the importance of establishing a trusting connection with our clients, which we achieve by offering the best services as promised. At LegaSource, we make sure that your compliance certification goes smoothly so that your time and money aren’t invested in the wrong course.

Frequently Asked Questions

We better understand what most of the people asked generally in Trademark Registration.

A trademark is a logo, brand name, product name, website name, word, or tag line that customers use to identify or distinguish one company’s products or services from those of another.

A trademark can be applied for by an individual, a company, a trust, a non-profit organization, or even a government entity.

A trademark can be applied to a company name, a product name, a website domain name, a brand name, a logo, or a slogan.

The purpose of a trademark search is to see if the name that will be registered has already been taken or is confusingly similar to other trademarks in the trademark database. In the trademark registration process, a thorough trademark search is essential.

A trademark consultant is a lawyer or attorney who is knowledgeable in trademark law. Trademark Agents is another name for them. Clients’ applications are prepared and presented by trademark consultants. They provide intellectual property advice to clients and represent them in front of registrars during the prosecution process.

A trademark lawyer is an expert in trademark laws and the process of registering a trademark name. A trademark attorney and a lawyer are the same.

You can protect your trademark by filing a trademark application with the Indian Trademark Registry. Lega Source makes it simple for anyone to apply for a trademark.

If you register in assistance of Lega Source, you can do it for a reasonable fee and receive a number of other benefits related to your trademark registration.

After a thorough trademark review, the owner signs a one-page authority letter, and the Consultant files the application with the trademark registration.

When filing a trademark application with the trademark registry, the TM symbol is utilized. As a result, the TM symbol is used to signify that a trademark application for the trademark exists and serves as a warning to infringers and counter-fitters.

The Lega Source Trademark application process is simple and cost-effective. Trademark registration would have been a time-consuming and expensive process, but by using Lega Source’s service, you will save money and reap the benefits.