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Get recognition under the Startup India Initiative, an initiative aimed at boosting entrepreneurship in India. It encourages bank financing, simplifies the incorporation procedure, and exempts businesses from certain requirements. You will be able to gain the benefits without having to go through the lengthy registration process by obtaining Startup India Registration with us.

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The following are some of the benefits of Startup India Scheme:

Eligibility to apply for 3 years Income Tax exemption

For the first ten years after incorporation, eligible startups can be exempted from paying income tax for three consecutive years.

Eligibility to avail funding from Rs. 10,000 crore FOF scheme

More than INR 1600 crore has already been invested in 251 startups under the Funds of Funds for Startups Scheme. You can be also one of these Startups competing for the remaining INR 8,400 crore.

Priority Govt. Tender and Procurement Scheme

Exemption from prior experience or turnover, as well as a security deposit for tender submissions. It's an opportunity to promote Startup products on the Government e-marketplace.

No Angel Tax up to Rs. 25 crore funding

Accredited Investors, Non-Residents, AIFs, and closely owned listed corporations may be exempted from paying taxes on their investments in qualified startups under Section 56 (2) (VIIB) of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

Eligibility for availing State Govt. Incentives

Startups no longer have to be concerned with Labor Law Inspections. Through simple self-declaration, recognized startups can self-manage their PF, ESIC, Gratuity, and Environmental Law Compliance.

50% discount in Trademark & 80% rebate in Patents fees

Faster processing of startup patent applications, a 50% discount on trademark payments up front, and an 80% discount on patent filing expenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We better understand what most of the people asked generally in Startup India Scheme.

The Startup India Scheme is a government-led project aimed at creating jobs and income in India. Startup India’s mission is to produce and innovate products and services while also improving India’s employment rate.

You can apply for the startup certificate online or you can get in touch with LegaSource for assistance in completing it quickly and efficiently.

You can register your startup at a reasonable cost with lots of other benefits in regards to your startup India registration.