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The GST registration process is entirely online and does not involve any manual interaction. To take advantage of the tax savings, you must complete the GST registration process. Therefore, get your GST registration processed swiftly and efficiently with India’s most trusted GST experts.

Registration Process

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begin your GST registration, simply fill out the form.

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Let’s check who is eligible to apply for GST registration.

Upon Reaching Turnover of 20 Lakh

If your current supply of goods or services exceeds INR 20 lakh, you must obtain GST Registration (Its INR 10 lakh, if your business operates only in the North Eastern states.)

Inter-State Sales or Service provider

If you supply goods or services to another state, you must have GST registration, regardless of your turnover. GST registration is required even for online service providers who serve customers in other states.

E-commerce operator

GST registration is mandatory for all e-commerce businesses.

Vendors selling through Ecommerce Portals

GST registration is essential for everyone who supplies through an e-commerce operator.

Non- Residents & Importers

Any non-resident person or company supplying products or services in India must have GST registration.

Supplier of Online Information

GST Registration is required for everyone who provides online information and database services to a person in India from outside India.

Document Requirement For GST

GST Registration legasource

Simplify Your Document For Easy Registration

We value the importance of establishing a trusting connection with our clients, which we achieve by offering the best services as promised. At LegaSource, we make sure that your compliance certification goes smoothly so that your time and money aren’t invested in the wrong course.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are a few GST benefits in India:

  1. Eliminate the cascading tax effect
  2. Lesser compliance
  3. Prevents Tax Evasion
  4.  Tackles corruption and tax leakages
  5. Eliminates multiple layers of taxation

The GST council has classified over 1300 goods and 500 services into four tax rates: 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. This is in addition to the 3% tax on gold and the 0.25 % special rate on rough precious and semi-precious stones under the GST.

No Organization or Business can operate without first registering with the GST. As a result, it is essential to accomplish the GST registration process.

Now, GST registration has become hassle free at a reasonable fee that you can easily afford.