FSSAI Licence

All entities involved in the production, distribution, and transportation of food products must have an FSSAI license. As a result, we will help you obtain your FSSAI license while you focus on the other areas of starting a food business.

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Benefits for FSSAI License

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Obtaining a license can provide the food business with legal benefits

Food businesses who have obtained an FSSAI license have a legal advantage over similar businesses in the market. Furthermore, this assists the company in avoiding the costs that may be incurred as a result of non-compliance.

build goodwill

The FSSAI logo guarantees customers that the food they are consuming is safe to consume. Hence it ensures goodwill amongst the consumers.

ensure food safety

FSSAI license ensure the quality of food products that meets the international food standards.

create consumer awareness

The FSSAI license aids in the development of a dependable and loyal client base because it certifies that the company meets all of the relevant food safety standards.

assist in business expansion

The FSSAI license has a favorable impact on the company's dependability and production, offering it a tremendous opportunity to expand and grow.

distribution and sale of import food

Streamlines the entire food production process, from manufacturing to distribution and sale.

Simplify Your Document For Easy Registration

We value the importance of establishing a trusting connection with our clients, which we achieve by offering the best services as promised. At Lega Source, we make sure that your compliance certification goes smoothly so that your time and money aren’t invested in the wrong course.

Frequently Asked Questions

We better understand what most of the people asked generally in FSSAI Licence.

If you register in assistance of Lega Source, you can do it for a reasonable fee and receive a number of other benefits related to your FSSAI licensing.

The main benefit of an FSSAI license is that it ensures that your food has been chemically validated and is thus safe to consume. Because, anything directly related to health is extremely sensitive.

All forms of food industry operators, whether they are transporters, wholesalers, producers, or caterers, must register with the FSSAI.

Yes, you will need an FSSAI license in order to sell food. The FSSAI license is mandatory for your food business.

It can be bit complex for you; therefore, Lega Source can help you to get the FSSAI license easily.