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Frequently Asked Questions

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Under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) is in charge of ensuring that companies are complying with the Companies Act 2013. Every Pvt. Ltd. company, regardless of size, is required to file returns and documents in order to comply with the Act’s legal obligations, which are referred to as ROC compliances.

  • Form MGT 7 and Form AOC 4 are used to file annual returns.
  • Compliance with AGM documentation
  • Maintaining the Minutes Book and Statutory Registers
  • Share certificates are issued on a timely basis.
  • Filing of ROCs for event-based compliances.
  • Shares are issued or fresh allotments are made.
  • Disclosure of Interest by Directors on a Yearly Basis
  • Changes in the Company’s Name and Main Objectives
  • Directors’ Appointments and Resignations
  • Transfers of Shares
  • Appointment of a Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer
  • Registrar’s Office Change
  • Changes in Authorized and Paid-up Capital
  • When you get a secured loan, you must register.
  • Resolutions for several meetings are being drafted.

DIN Changes

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Every firm must file its Annual Return (MGT-7) with the ROC within 60 days of the AGM, as well as its Financials (AOC-4) within 30 days of the AGM. Within 15 days of the AGM, the Auditor Appointment (ADT-1) should be filed.

A board meeting is a gathering of the company’s board of directors to discuss management matters. The first Board meeting must take place within 30 days of incorporation, and every Private Limited Company must hold a minimum of four Board of Directors meetings per year, one in each quarter.

Issuing Notice and Agenda, Holding Board Meeting, Maintaining Attendance Register, and Minutes of Meeting are the general procedures.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting of shareholders conducted once a year to approve the accounts, distribute dividends, and appoint or reappoint directors and auditors.

The first annual general meeting (AGM) is held within nine months of the end of the first financial year. The next AGM is held within six months of the financial year’s end.

The filing of ROC forms, returns, and documentation with the Registrar of Companies is required (ROC). It will assist the Registrar of Companies and the Government in comprehending how the firm operates during the financial year in accordance with the Companies Act of 2013.

You can register your company for a reasonable fee and receive a number of other benefits related to your ROC filing.